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(Photo by Maggie O'Neill)

Photo by Maggie O'Neill

Feral Cat Colony Information Collection

Note: There are two organizations separately collecting details about feral cat colonies. Please read the below information carefully. You must submit your colony information in both systems.

Both the NYC Feral Cat Initiative and Neighborhood Cats strongly encourage Certified TNR Caretakers in the New York City area to submit information about the location(s) of their managed feral cat colony/colonies in order to increase TNR support services and save lives. Please take a few minutes to share your colony details. The information you submit will be kept strictly confidential.

Help the NYCFCI Get More Services for You!

Submit Your NYC-Area Managed TNR Colony Locations

The NYC Feral Cat Initiative of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals is requesting that Certified TNR Caretakers submit the location(s) of the feral cat colony/colonies they manage in New York City.

Your managed colony data are vital as we formulate new grant proposals — we are actively applying for new grants, specifically for low-cost/free spay/neuter, and other resources such as trap banks and additional transport assistance. This information will also help us allocate our resources and understand the areas with the greatest need for assistance in order to best accommodate the TNR community. Gathering this information will result in significant and highly persuasive data, which is essential to increasing the chances for success as we continue to apply for grants in support of the NYC TNR community.

Help us help you! Please take a few minutes to complete this quick but very important survey. As few as one or two cats in your back yard count just as much as a large colony, so please be as inclusive as possible!

You are not required to update your colony information, but you may submit updates if there has been a change in your population.

Submit Your Colonies   NYC Feral Cat Initiative


Help Neighborhood Cats and AC&C Return Your Cats

Register Your Colonies in the New York City Feral Cat Database

If you're managing a colony of feral cats in New York City, or if you have assisted uncertified caretakers with TNR, please take a few minutes to register or update your colony in the Neighborhood Cats New York City Feral Cat Database.

Registering your colony could save your cats' lives! If an eartipped cat ends up in a city shelter, they will be able to locate the colony and the caretaker quickly and get him/her out quickly, avoiding unnecessary stress and prolonged exposure to illness. Over 100 eartipped cats entered the city shelters in 2011 and less than 10% were from registered colonies, making finding their caretakers more difficult. Because feral cats are territorial, it's very important to return them to their original colonies. Relocation is problematic and only used as an absolute last resort.

The database is a program of Neighborhood Cats. With your help, the database can be a more useful tool, helping prove that TNR works. 

Neighborhood Cats requests that you update your colony information whenever there has been a change in your population.

Register Your Colonies   Neighborhood Cats