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Photo by Urban Cat League

Photo by Urban Cat League

Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Programs & Clinics

The ASPCA, The Humane Society of New York, The Toby Project, and several other local organizations are strong supporters of our efforts to bring the feral cat population under control. These organizations offer free or low-cost spay/neuter services (and related treatment) for feral cats. Which organization you should work with will depend on whether or not you are a Certified TNR Caretaker, the scope of your project, and how many cats you can handle at one time.

For other veterinarians experienced in working with the medical care of feral cats, please visit our Feral-Friendly Veterinarians in New York City page.

ASPCA Spay/Neuter Clinic

If you are a Certified TNR Caretaker and your colony is located within New York City, affordable spay/neuter for feral cats is available at the ASPCA Stationary Clinic in Glendale, Queens ($5 per cat, including a rabies vaccination and eartipping). Check back soon for more information, or contact the ASPCA at (877) SPAY-NYC (877-772-9692), option 6 for TNR.

The Humane Society of New York Clinic

The Humane Society of New York (HSNY) operates a feral cat clinic that offers free spay/neuter, left eartip, rabies vaccination, and flea and ear mite medication. Further services, such as testing, are available at regular fees. If a cat is sick or injured, free or discounted treatment may be available at the discretion of the HSNY.

What is the procedure for using the HSNY clinic?


Before you start trapping, call the Appointment Desk at (212) 752-4840 to schedule a date. Please provide as accurate an estimate as possible of the number of cats you want to trap and bring in.


Drop off the cats between 8:30 to 9:30 a.m. the morning of your spay/neuter date.

The Humane Society of New York

306 East 59th Street

New York, New York 10022

Very Important: Each cat must be brought in a separate trap, covered completely with a sheet — no exceptions. This is for the protection of the staff. Carriers or other containers are not acceptable.


Pick up cats between 3:00 and 4:00 p.m., unless you're told otherwise.


Bring the cats to your own pre-arranged recovery space. The HSNY does not provide post-surgery boarding.

The Toby Project

The Toby Project offers free spay/neuter and low-cost vaccines and other treatments in all five boroughs for feral cats. TNR caretakers can call to schedule a spay/neuter clinic.

Bronx/Manhattan/Queens: info@tobyproject.org

Brooklyn/Staten Island: Contact Ferals In Peril at (347) 816-2899

MAMA Coupon (Muffin's Pet Connection/Mayor's Alliance)

The Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals has teamed up with Muffin's Pet Connection to create the MAMA Coupon for low-cost feral cat spay/neuter. Included in the coupon price ($58 for females; $45 for males) are spay/neuter, rabies vaccination, and left eartip. Any other services or costs are strictly optional. View a list of participating vets and order coupons.

North Shore Animal League America Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Clinics for Feral Cats

To support TNR efforts in NYC, North Shore Animal League America (NSALA) is offering a feral cat clinic package of spay or neuter, rabies vaccination, FVRCP, penicillin injection, and mandatory eartipping for $40 per cat. Optional services include FeLV/FIV test combo ($30) and Advantage flea prevention ($10).

Schedule an Appointment

One Saturday each month, NSALA can take in 30-40 feral cats to be altered. All surgeries are performed by appointment only: (516) 883-7900 x268.

What is the procedure for using the NSALA clinic?

Cats can be dropped off the morning of the procedures from 7:30–8:30 a.m., or the night before from 7:30–8:30 p.m. Pick-up is anytime from 4:00–8:00 p.m. the day of the surgery.

North Shore Animal League America

The Alex Lewyt Veterinary Medical Center

16 Lewyt Street, Port Washington, NY 11050

One cat per trap or carrier, please. Carriers must be of a hard casing (no fabric carriers or milk crates).

C.L.I.F.F.S. Clinic (Creating Long Island's Feral Feline Solution)

The C.L.I.F.F.S. Clinic offers spay/neuter and vaccination services for feral cats. The $65 fee includes rabies and distemper vaccines. The clinic is open 4 days a week, including Saturdays. Call for an appointment: (631) 473-6333 x204.

Helping PAW

Helping PAW offers low-cost spay/neuter services on Long Island on a fully equipped mobile clinic. Spay/neuter for feral cats also includes a physical exam, rabies vaccine and tag, feline distemper (3 in 1 vaccine – FVRCP), pain management, and eartip. No additional charge for pregnancy or heat. Visit the Helping PAW website or call (888) 738-3497 for more information, to check current pricing, view the clinic location calendar, and make an appointment.

Long Island Animal Surgery

Long Island Animal Surgery provides low-cost spay/neuter, other general and major surgery, and in-house blood work for cats and dogs (friendly and feral). Caring, experienced, professional, affordable, and friendly. State-of-the-art equipment and top-of-the-line staff. The price for spay/neuter surgeries for feral cats is $65, which also includes vaccines, deworming, and a flea treatment. No extra charge for cats that are pregnant or in heat. Appointment required.

Long Island Animal Surgery – Dr. Mary Harrison

305 Roe Boulevard, Patchogue, NY 11782

Call for more information or an appointment: (631) 627-6900.