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Feral Cat Services

The NYC Feral Cat Initiative is committed to solving the New York City feral cat overpopulation crisis through the humane, non-lethal method of Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). The program carries out its mission by providing the following free and low-cost services to individuals and organizations working with feral cats through TNR:

NYFCI Services

TNR Certification Workshops

Attending a TNR certification workshop is the first step you should take to gain the knowledge and skills needed to help the feral and stray community cats in your area. Upon completion of the workshop, you will become a Certified TNR Caretaker and be eligible for free or low-cost spay/neuter, trap loans, transportation for cats and traps, educational and networking events, newsletters, community outreach materials, and other services and support within the five boroughs of New York City provided by the NYC Feral Cat Initiative of the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, the ASPCA, and other area organizations.

TNR Specialty Training Workshops

Our TNR Specialty Training Workshops feature topics such as Bottle-Feeding & Care of Orphaned Kittens, Taming Feral Kittens for Adoption, Enhancing Neighborhood Relations Surrounding Community Cats, and more. To be notified about upcoming lectures and workshops, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Programs & Clinics

The ASPCA, The Humane Society of New York, The Toby Project, and several other local organizations are strong supporters of our efforts to bring the feral cat population under control. These organizations offer free or low-cost spay/neuter services (and related treatment) for feral cats. Which organization you should work with will depend on whether or not you are a Certified TNR Caretaker, the scope of your project, and how many cats you can handle at one time.

Feral-Friendly Veterinarians in New York City

Feral cats have a particular set of medical needs that are best met by veterinarians and technicians who have experience with ferals and Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR). These veterinary practices in New York City have experience working with feral cats.

Loans & Rentals of Traps, Dividers & Cages

Equipment for TNR projects, including traps, trap dividers (isolators), and cages, can be borrowed or rented from trap banks in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

Transport of Traps & Cats

Transport of traps and cats are offered to Certified TNR Caretakers for their scheduled TNR projects. The Mayor's Alliance's Wheels of Hope vans carry traps between trap banks and TNR project sites and transport trapped cats to spay/neuter clinics, surgical recovery spaces, and back to their original colonies.

Straw & Cat Food Giveaways

People who have completed the in-person TNR Certification Workshop or online TNR Certification Course are eligible for giveaways of cat food and straw shelter insulation to help keep the cats in their colonies well-fed, warm, and dry all year round. These giveaways are scheduled periodically throughout the year. Certified TNR Caretakers are notified of upcoming giveaways as they become available.

Information on TNR & Feral Cat Care

Our online library provides a wealth of detailed online and printable information about feral cats and TNR in New York City. Topics include Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) overview; equipment and procedures; feral cat colony feeding, shelter, and eartipping; community relations; free and low-cost spay/neuter programs; kitten care, socialization, and placement; animal cruelty investigation; emergency rescue and veterinary clinics; frequently asked questions (FAQ); and recommended links.

Advice by Phone or E-mail

You can request advice and guidance on how to help the street cats in your New York City neighborhood by contacting the NYC Feral Cat Initiative at (212) 330-0033 or info@NYCFeralCat.org.


Other Feral Cat Services in New York City

These valuable feral cat Trap-Neuter-Return programs and services are provided by Neighborhood Cats, The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and other organizations.

Neighborhood Cats New York City Feral Cat Database

Launched in 2006, the online Neighborhood Cats New York City Feral Cat Database currently has hundreds of feral cat colonies registered. The data collected shows that, on average, these colonies are already showing substantial declines in size! In addition, thousands of cats and kittens have been rescued and placed in homes from these same colonies. Entire neighborhoods, such as the Upper West Side of Manhattan, are virtually kitten-free, and other landmark areas like Rikers Island and the Fresh Kills Landfill have shown reductions by more than half in the numbers of cats.

Once you join the growing network of feral cat caretakers, you may be able to find some support from those in your neighborhood. After you register your colony in the New York City Feral Cat Database (this information is kept strictly confidential) you will be eligible for prizes.

NYCFeralCats Discussion Group

Those who have completed the TNR Certification Workshop are invited to join the NYCFeralCats Yahoo Groups e-mail discussion group to network with other NYC feral cat caretakers. A great way to find resources and get information!